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THE COUNT It is very handy to have a full colour illustration to work  from; although you may wish paint him in your own  schemes as well, this version!  EYES & FLESH The Count only has one eye on show, the other being  hidden by his monocle. The eye is a bit tricky tucked up  under the peak of his pickelhaube. I held the model  upside-down, to give easier access while painting his  eye. His face is well defined so I was just a matter of  following the detail. Also the Count’s one hand is gloved  so no flesh hands to paint.  EYE 1. His whites are AP-WP1102 - Matt White 2. The iris is AP-WP1116 - Deep Blue (stereotypical Prussian!) FLESH 1. AP-WP1122 - Fur Brown 2. AP-WP1127 - Tanned Flesh 3. AP-WP1126 - Barbarian Flesh 4. AP-WP1126 - Barbarian Flesh plus AP-WP1102  Matt White 5. plus more AP-WP1102 - Matt White THE REST OF THE MODEL THE WHITE THINGS Mostly his one glove, sash, hair and moustaches, and  some fine piping on the top edge of his collar. I did these  
2.AP-WP1127 - Tanned Flesh 3.AP-WP1126 - Barbarian Flesh 5.Plus more AP-WP1102 - Matt White 1.AP-WP1122 - Fur Brown His whites are AP-WP1102 - Matt White, 2.The irises are AP-WP1116 - Deep Blue.