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Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld
What is Rogue Stars? Rogue Stars is a character-based science fiction skirmish wargame, where players command crews of bounty hunters, space pirates, merchants, prospectors, smugglers, mercenary outfits, planetary police and other such shady factions from the fringes of galactic civilisation. Crews can vary in size, typically from four to six, and the character and crew creation systems allow for practically any concept to be built. Detailed environmental rules that include options for flora, fauna, gravity, dangerous terrain and atmosphere, and scenario design rules that ensure that missions are varied and demand adaptation and cunning.
Rogue Stars: Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld
Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld
Released December 2016
Rogue Stars Releases:
Every Copy of Rogue Stars bought from us before release comes with a free metal figure of The Rogue.
Rogue Stars are copyright Osprey Games 2016. Miniatures are all copyright North Star Military Figures Limited & Osprey Games 2016.
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To create a robot, give it Artificial and Nonreactive. Weapons may be built-in by paying the higher XP cost or wielded in hands. You may also take Cybernetic Enhancements to represent upgraded robot parts. No squad may comprise only robots. The Obaydan ancestors are rumoured to be responsible for the planting of psionic genes in other sentient races across the galaxy. Thoba is a typical operative sent to do the dirty work when diplomacy and political threats fail. Melivia is rumoured to be over 600 years old and to have undergone at least 10 rejuvenation treatments, funded by the earnings from her galaxy-spanning guild of merchants and smugglers. A xeno-archaeologist who lost her arm while trying to recover an alien artifact from the maws of a Chtellan Death Tree, Talisa now works as a freelance scout or guide on dangerous planets in order to fund her archaeological expeditions.
Big Bot
Corporal Larsson is an example of a grunt from Sigurdsson's Brigade (a wholly owned subsidiary of Conflict Resolution Inc.) Ė one of the many independent mercenary formations found across the galaxy. A native of a low-gravity world, but coming from a Terran crime family, Thebelda is a stern leader and a ruthless pirate with a grudge towards the Space Patrol. Aiguntan planets never recognized the authority of the central government, and maintained their own elaborate bureaucratic structures. Horr-Hyss is a typical, high-level officer working for the Merchant Protectorate. Once a (barely) law-abiding merchant, Olygadath Kneuss Wee ('His Splendid Excellence in a Crimson Robe') refrains from violence. He normally leaves that to his Robot Enforcers, or mind-controls his enemies into shooting each other.
Crime Boss
Arlissians, an insectoid race that lost their wings through evolution, compensate by designing the most efficient jump packs in the galaxy. Zita-Koma-Hu is a member of the sexless drone cast, and displays a penchant for leaping to high places.
A well-trained, experienced soldier will never be short of work, especially if he doesnít ask too many questions about who it is heís shooting, and why. Mercenary outfits are common throughout the galaxy, and range from small squads to huge armies. This example of a typical sniper droid employed by Space Patrol Response teams across the galaxy is based on the planet of Huskiss. This bot manufacturing world is the scene of many violent clashes between pro- and anti-Artificial factions.
Gunslinger Bot
Sniper Bot
Rogue Stars: Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld Rogue Stars: Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld We used lots of painted resin scenery from Adrian's Walls in the photos for Rogue Stars Sniper Bot
The authors' notes on his Rogue Stars game: Character-driven fire-fights in a far future setting. Characters combine huge fire-power with the mobility of futuristic ninja. The protagonists are Pirates, Cyborgs, Star Cops, Bounty Hunters, Merchants, Mercenaries, Miners, Militias, Dark Cultists, Psionic Knights. A point system lets you stat up any human, alien, or robot. Small table (3x3’) 4-6 figures per player. Minimal book- keeping is conducted by placing tokens on the characters’ profiles. The game uses an unusual activation system to represent the chaos of combat. In addition to the characters’ distinctive Traits and equipment, squads have unique Themes (what they are and what motivates them) and Tactical Disciplines (how they fight). Figures are highly mobile: jump-packs, flight packs, personal teleportation devices and even psionic jumps all play a role. No coherence distance between figures is enforced. There is no facing: figures can move, spot targets and fire in a 360° radius.
Permanently crippled limbs can be regrown with cloning tech or via cybernetics. Cyber-limbs can be better than the original and come with an xp cost. Brief Instant of Pain, an assassin.
Krokk, a tough experienced mercenary Lothar Van Driek, disgraced star ship captain. Hfrrr, a strong and agile close combat specialist Cassidy, a trooper
 Combat Specialist
Syndar Fenn is an assassin, a profession that is completely legal and culturally accepted, if not respected, on his native Vandiria, and comes from a bloodline that devotes itself to the art of killing with the traditional Vandirian h'lokiss combat knife. A stern, loyal officer with a pragmatic attitude, Ferloys joined the Space Patrol when his family was murdered by pirates. He caught the culprits within two weeks and hasn't stopped since, bringing in more than 50 high-profile criminals. Native to a high-gravity planet, Holoverans aren't particularly bright but like to use what brains they have to learn how to operate high-tech melee weapons. Gargunta likes to fight with a Monowire Scythe in each hand. From local garrisons to citizenís vigilante groups, Militias are rarely as experienced as Mercenary outfits, but can generally count at least a few combat veterans amongst their number. An AI-endowed robot with a penchant for old Terran Spaghetti Westerns, TRWNN has worked with local militias on Huro IV to protect citizens from alien bandits roaming the mining towns.