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Tuesday 6th April

The Nickstarter pre-order program for Stargrave has begun!!

The first Spend Goal has been reached. A free metal Medic figure for

all Nickstarter participants. The Medic can be recruited as a standard

Soldier type for your Crew.

More Spend Goal reached on the first day. You have unlocked the 20 sided die. This is the die you need to play Stargrave. The Rogue figure has been unlocked. You can choose to make your Captain or First mate a Rogue, this model is based on the artwork in Stargrave of a Rogue Captain.
STARGRAVE 28mm Plastic Figures
Soldier Helmsman Stargrave: Troopers

Wednesday 7th 

We start the day off with TWO more Spend Goals unlocked! The first to go was the model of the Hacker. The Hacker can be recruited to your Crew, and they unlock Data-loot much easier than standard soldiers. The second Spend Goal is three Loot Tokens. The Loot Tokens are the focus of the Stargrave game. Each player needs to collect as many as they can and carry them off the board, and then spend the loot to advance your crew. You need at least three loot tokens per player.

There are two kinds of loot, Data and Physical.

This evening has unlocked a new Spend Goal. This time it releases a metal figure of a Psionicist, one of the backgrounds you can use for your Captain and First Mate.
This show the Gnoll Frame built up with spares from the Stargrave box sets.

The frame of Frostgrave

Gnolls has unlocked.

Everyone is now getting a

free frame of Gnolls.

These come with medieval

weapons for Frostgrave,

but with a bit of

conversion work with all

those spare Stargrave

arms you'll have, you can

create Space Gnolls.

Thursday 8th We're smashing through the Spend Goals! The latest Spend Goal reward is a model of a Mystic, again a background for your Captain or First Mate. And what a nasty piece of work, I bet he's actually one of the good guys, just misunderstood 'cus he's got no eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth! All of the metal Stargrave Spend Goal reward figures will come with a round plastic base. None of the Spend Goal reward figures are Nickstarter exclusives. They will be on sale at some point in the future. By joining the Nickstarter you're getting them for free, and months ahead of everyone else.
Friday 9th The £36,000 Spend Goal was reached and passed through today. That releases a new Mystic metal figure for everyone involved. We are on target to hit the last Spend Goal very soon, so we've extended the Goals further on. At £60,000 we'll be adding a free metal model of a Magmite to every order. The Magmite is a monster Joseph McCullough introduced to Frostgrave, and has passed into the Stargrave Universe. This model has been on sale to Frostgrave players for a while. There are two variants; you'll get one or the other in your parcel. At £80,000 we'll give you another Frostgrave plastic frame. This time it's the Cultists, that with a bit of conversion using your spare Stargrave Weapon arms will make Space Cultists/ Pirates/ Reavers etc.
This show the Frostgrave Cultists built up with spares from the Stargrave box sets.
This show the Cultist built up with spares from the Stargrave box sets.
Monday 12th April After a brilliant weekend of Nickstater orders, the Spend Total breaks through our original target of £42,000. Thank you everyone. This unlocks the Evil mystic, one of the more anticipated Spend Goal  rewards. We have debated whether to leave it there for the Spend Goals, but decided we will add some more. We are adding the US and EU orders placed through our partners later today, expect to see the total leap towards the next Spend Goal.
Stargrave: Mercenaries