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AKHENATON Steve Saleh has sculpted another very fine model in  Akhenaton, based on the superb Jesse McGibney  artwork. I hadn’t seen the picture when I started work on  him, and was working from just the written description,  which led to a several small mistakes on my part! But it  was great to have the artwork to work from later on, as  often I find with not-strictly historical models I am left  wondering, just what colours do I use? Not that I’m  saying Akhenaton wouldn’t look great in a purple lounge  suit, but I went with the official illustration in, In Her  Majesty’s Name.  EYES & FLESH Akhenaton, has a wonderful face. With the great cheek  bones and stern brow you would expect in any self-  respecting crazed megalomaniac bent on world  domination! I wanted the Egyptians to have a noticeably  different tone their skin and planned my painting  accordingly. The eyes are nicely realised too, so it really just a matter  of painting what detail there is, well almost (this was my  initial mistake; I painted his eyes white with brown  pupils!). His eyes are of course yellow with black irises. I  used the mistake of painting them white first to my  advantage and left the white as an undercoat for the  yellow, which isn’t the strongest of pigments and needs  something to bolster it up a bit. I then dotted the irises in  black over the brown mistakes, and no one will ever  know… Also he does have a lot of eye makeup, for which you  there is no real answer but to paint it like the picture in  the book, or now copy what I have done here. I didn’t  paint it on at this stage, because I was still debating  whether to paint the eye make at all. I always find this  kind of detail tricky, as it is more like proper artwork, and  difficult to correct the final result if you make a mistake. 
His whites are AP-WP1102 - Matt White, 2.The irises are AP-WP1116 - Deep Blue 2. + AP-WP1122 - Fur Brown 3. pure AP-WP1122 - Fur Brown 4. pure AP-WP1127 - Tanned Flesh 5. AP-WP1127 - Tanned Flesh plus AP-WP1102 - Matt White 1. AP-WP1124 - Oak Brown plus AP-WP1122 - Fur Brown