Fowler Mk V Walker
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Fowler Mk V Walker assembly Check all the parts and clean them up. Also clean up the driver. It is worth having a look at the pictures to see what goes where. Assembly 1. Glue the legs together so that they stand up on their own. Then glue them into the socket on the body. Put the driver in place to check that the body and legs of the walker line up satisfactorily. 2. Temporally fix the driver in place, with masking tape.
3. Fix the right arm in place passing it through the belt and pulley and gluing them both in place, positioning the Walker’s arm to line up with the driver’s arm. 4. Do the same for the left arm. 5. Fix the claws in place. 6. Attach the guard for the machine gun. 7. Fix on the water tank, governor and exhaust pipe. Fowler Mk V Walker. Most factories, mines, docks and construction sites now have these. One man in a Mechanised Walker can do the work of six men or two strong horses.
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