Above. Working Class Hero.
Below. Anarchists with shotguns.
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Sampson Tyler, the current leader of the commune,  knew that the shipment was nothing but trouble.  Nevertheless, swayed by the rhetoric of Emile Dreyfuss,  he decided to sell all but two of the twelve guns to Abel  Caine, the criminal Lord o’ the Docks.
The scene was set for one of the bloodiest street fights in  London’s history as the Commune’s elite fighters tried to  get the wagon from Brick Lane to the warehouse in the  docks where Caine was waiting for them.  Set-up This is a variant on the Breakthrough scenario (IHMN  9.1.4) with the option of the Authorities complication  (IHMN 9.2.5). The recommended Landscape is the City  Streets by Day (IHMN 10.1).  Note that the wagon, laden with arms and ammunition, is  considered Dangerous Terrain (IHMN 4.1.5).  The table should have Cable Street running from one  table edge to the other. At least three streets should lead  off it to the other table edges. The rest of the board should  be built up with buildings, courtyards and alleyways.  The Commune come on at one end of Cable Street and  the Warehouse should be at the other end. The heavy  wagon only moves at 6” and cannot run.  The Extraordinary Co. can come onto the table on one of  the two sides which Cable Street does not touch.  Game objectives Brick Lane Commune: Get the wagon across the table to  the Warehouse gate where Caine’s heavily armed Kentish  Men will take it over.  PoW Extraordinary Co.: Stop the wagon and take it off  their table edge.  Victory 2 VPs per enemy figure taken out of the game.  5 VPs for each leader taken out of the game.  25VPs for getting the wagon to the company’s objective  before the end of turn twelve.