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Sergeant John Burke also served on Mars but was  dismissed for 'excess enthusiasm' in the suppression of  Martian civilian unrest. He is a brute of man who is  known for his motto "the dead commit no more crimes".  His partner in the Specials is Sergeant Elias Jones who  is his complete opposite. Jones is a very pious man who  prefers to use the power of God to 'persuade' villains to  come quietly. Most of the Constables fear Burke but are  terrified of Jones.   The Constables are known in the Metropolitan service as  the 'last chancers'. These are all men who, if it were not  
for the need to keep refilling the ranks of the Specials,  would have been dismissed or even prosecuted. They are  hard-drinking, hard-fighting men, generally hated by the  people whom they protect from harm.   ©Craig Cartmell & Charles Murton 2016 Options •  Any Constable can take a Carbide Lamp [+3 pts]   • Any figure can exchange their English All-Electric  Truncheon for an Edison Arc Truncheon [+3 pts]   • One Constable can exchange their shotgun for an  Edwards Patent Gum Gun [no change in pts]   • Up to three Constables can be issued with a single  gas grenade each [+6 pts]   • Any Constable can be issued with a single smoke  grenade each [+2 pts]   Special equipment Rubberised Coats (2 points)   Ostensibly to keep the worst of the slime and detritus of  London's foul underbelly from their uniforms these actually  act as reasonable armour and give limited protection  against Arc weapons. They are Armour 8 against most  attacks and Armour 9 against Arc weapons. The Edwards Patent Gum Gun (5 points)   An experimental weapon presented for trial to the  Specials. The two pressurised tanks small enough for one  man to carry have chemicals that when combined at the  nozzle produce a jet of fast hardening gum that coats a  villain soon rendering harmless.   In game terms it is a weapon with a +2 attack bonus and a  9" range that ignores all except magneto-static armour. A  
The "Whitechapel Specials", a police unit formed to deal with the uncanny goings on in the city's underbelly. Where regular police units and the Watchmen deal with common criminals the specials are called in to deal with the more unusual crimes. Leadership +1, Tough, Lined Coat, Breath Preserver, Shotgun, English All-Electric Truncheon