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The Legend of Tarzan
Approved by Chris Peers the author of Death in the Dark Continent
81. The Legend of Tarzan, 1888-19… Tarzan was a sensation when introduced and remains one of the most successful fictional characters to this day and  is a real cultural icon. This list represents the forces summoned by Tarzan at the end of the film The Legend of  Tarzan, and therefore based on the seminal work by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes, published in 1912.  From my reading of the book I think Tarzan was raised by Chimpanzees not Gorillas as in the film.  Burroughs never  published a book called The Legend of Tarzan but the movie of this name attempts to place Tarzan in a slightly  more historical context about the exploitation of the Belgian Congo. The allied villagers are those who join with  Tarzan and the animals to defeat The Force Publique at the end of the movie. The British Naval Landing Party are  there for a “what if scenario” if HM Governments implicit support for Tarzan was turned into actions (and I have  some). Ag 0, Tribal Tarzan, Gorillas or other great apes, Elite Warriors (9 points)   1–3  Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Water Buffalo etc, Elite Protected Heavy Cavalry   with close combat weapons only (15 points)   0–2  Wildebeests, Oryx, Zebra, Kudu etc, Heavy Cavalry   with close combat weapons only (9 points)           3–10 Crocodiles or Hippopotamuses, Elite Warriors (8 points)   0–3  Lions and other big cats or Hyenas or even Ostriches, Elite Heavy Cavalry   with close combat weapons only (13 points)   0–3  Monkeys including Baboons, Mandrills etc and Warthogs, Pygmies with spears (7 points)   0–3  Muzungu with breech-loader (28 points)   0–1  Freed Slaves: Untrained Skirmishers with breech-loaders (8 points)   0–2  Notes 1. A Chief representing Tarzan must be Outstanding (+25 points). 2. The Muzungu represents George Washington Williams an American envoy, who reveals his suspicions that the Belgians are enslaving the Congolese population. Williams persuades Tarzan to go back to the Congo in order to prove his suspicions. 3. Home terrain can be of any type the player wishes 4. Defences: Pitfall traps. 5. Stratagems: Drums, Surprise, Scouting, Witchcraft. 6. Muzungu may only be used if Tarzan in used as an Outstanding Chief. Allies: Generic villagers (List 1, page 66), British Naval Landing Party (List 65, page 120).
Special Rule: Animals & Tarzan. They are treated the same as ordinary troops, except always move the score of 3 dice in inches regardless of terrain except Crocodiles who move the score of 2 dice unless in swamp or river. Animals have a minimum size of two bases per unit. Tarzan is always a single Elite Warriors base and never has to take morale tests. The weapons for animals don’t actually represent real weapons of course just the effects. They never need field Baggage.
Sample 300 point Tarzan Army
Extracts fromthe Death in the Dark Continent rules
Sample 300 point Tarzan Army NSA4002 - Lord of the Jungle AA02 - Ostriches AA03 - Oryx Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Water Buffalo etc, Elite Protected Heavy Cavalry with close combat weapons only (15 points)
You will still need to see the full text in the book to get the complete idea of these rules. Muzungu We use this Swahili word to represent individuals or small groups of very heavily armed and well- motivated explorers or big game hunters. Outstanding Chief An Outstanding Chief costs +25 points. In most cases he will be well worth it, but you never have to use one if you do not want to; you can always argue that the great man has delegated this particular operation to a subordinate! Note that an Outstanding Chief for a Disciplined army costs an additional +55 points to the base unit, that is +25 for being Outstanding and +30 for being Disciplined. Stratagems Drums An army which is allowed this option may beat its drums at the start of the morale phase of any one turn in a game. The result is to force all affected enemy units to take an immediate morale test. It affects all non-Elite opponents, except Muzungu, who are at least partly within 24” of the Chief of the army using the stratagem. Witchcraft A witchdoctor can curse any one enemy unit which is at least partly within 8” of his figure in the morale phase of each turn. The effect of this is to force it to take a morale test, though this can be cancelled by the presence of a Chief or for other causes in the usual way. Surprise If a player is using the Surprise option, he may always deploy at least three of his units in ambush unless he is the attacker in an ambush scenario. At least one of these units may be placed anywhere in suitable cover in the player’s own half of the table. Scouting If a player chooses Scouting, his opponent must declare at the start of the game the identity of any units which he has kept off table as late arrivals, and the table edge which they are to arrive on. At this point the Scouting player may also nominate up to two of the terrain pieces on the table, and require his opponent to immediately deploy any troops which have been deployed in ambush in or behind them. They cannot now count as in ambush for the purpose of inflicting morale tests.
FGV311 - White Gorilla AA15 - Crocodile and AA16 - Dwarf Crocodiles AA04 - Baboons AA08 - Warthog AA21 - Kudu
A Chief representing Tarzan
Oryx, ostriches and giraffe.
BP1569 - Death in the Dark Continent. (plus PDF)
Great apes