The Undercoat For undercoating the Ila I used Humbrol enamel matt black.  You want the undercoat to be as matt as possible so the detail  on the model is easier to see. For an acrylic undercoat it is a  good idea to use a matting agent, as acrylics tend to be  naturally a bit shinier. I brushed the paint on with a Small Drybrush brush making  sure I covered the entire model. Don’t let the paint pool  anywhere as this will dry very thick and could obscure details.  Also watch out for any stray hairs detaching from your brush  and sticking to the model during undercoating. Pull them off  with tweezers before they become permanently attached! Take  particular care not to clog up the face and similar fine detail  areas and I also made sure the undercoat didn’t form a web of  paint between the spears, don’t be afraid to go back and clear  runs or blobs of undercoat off with your brush. I then let the  undercoat dry completely before going on to paint the models. PAINTING The figure painting follows my well known method of  working from dark to light shaded form a black undercoat, the  method is explained in full detail in Foundry Miniatures  Painting & Modelling Guide, and Kevin Dallimore’s  Painting & Modelling Guide: Master Class. This three or  more colour painting method uses successive tones of colour  (shade, middle and light) which are added to the model in  layers, working up from dark to light. This creates a bold  three-dimensional effect of shadows and highlights, the layers  of colour giving greater depth and subtlety to the model. It  may seem counterintuitive if you haven’t painted this way  before, but bear with me.  THE PAINT I used Army Painter paints to paint the Ila, from the  Warpaints Mega Paint Set, mixing up colours to suit my style  and preferences. The Mega Paint Set provides and adequate  range of colours for almost all needs, but you will often need  to mix colours to get the desired results, however I have tried  to work our combinations of colours to reduce this a bit.
The amount of paint you squeeze out to use is harder to judge, I usually mix up more than I need, which better than not having  enough, I’m afraid I have grown a bit lazy with using pre-mixed  paint systems. Lastly don’t get too much paint on your brush, less than a third  of the way up the hairs on the brush in the paint is plenty, never  dip the brush all the way up to the metal ferrule, or you will  ruin that brush in short order. THE EYES These models have well defined eyes a swell as great faces and  so are ideal if you fancy having a go at eyes. I paint the eyes  first so I can get them right before doing the rest of the model,  as if the eyes are not good it will spoil the rest of the paint job!  If you are not confident about painting eyes leave them  unpainted, it will look fine.  The whites of the eyes are in Matt White, no prizes, I painted  the in with a Warpaints Insane Detail brush. Follow the detail  on the model, and don’t worry if you don’t get it quite right  because you can always neaten up the white with some Matt  Black. Then I painted in the iris, just a dot using the same  brush, with Oak Brown. Make sure the position of the iris  match, as you can see I have one warrior looking to the side and the rest looking straight ahead, but above all, try not to make  them crossed eyed!
Paint the eyes first. Try not to make them crossed!
For undercoating the Ila I used Humbrol enamel matt black. I paint the eyes first. Try not to make them crossed! I paint the eyes first. Try not to make them crossed! © North Star Military Figures North Star Magazine home page Next Page Previous Page more Africa articles Home Latest Content North Star Military Figures Crusader Artizan Great War Mantic download pdf Click here to order