HAIR “The most distinctive feature of Ila warriors was the  extraordinary hair cone or “isusu”…”  Matt Black mixed with a small amount of Uniform Grey, and  then Matt Black mixed with more Uniform Grey, and lastly  Matt Black mixed with even more Uniform Grey.  The black feather was also painted in this colour combination. VARNISH Make sure all the paint on the model is thoroughly dry before  commencing varnishing.
Gloss The models were then given a coat of Humbrol polyurethane  gloss varnish and set aside for 24 hours to dry completely. Be  careful not to let the varnish pool, especially under the kilts and  between the spears. You don’t need a very thick coat of varnish. Matt Then they were given two coats of Anti-Shine Matt Varnish. Be even more careful when painting on the matt varnish. When  applying the matt, brush it out well from any nooks and  crannies where it is likely to collect and pool.   BASING Now normally I would base up the models to finish them off,  but firstly I have gone on long enough and more importantly  that is going to be another article later!
Below. The painted and varnished models.