UNDERCOATING Undercoating is essential as it provides a consistent  surface on which to apply the next coats of paint, and it  shows up the detail on a model much more clearly than  shiny bare metal. THE PAINT I used Army Painter War Paints to paint the Dreadball  Players, mixing up colours to suit my style and  preferences. The Mega Paint Set provides and adequate  range of colours for almost all needs, but you will often  need to mix colours to get the desired results, however I  have tried to work our combinations of colours to reduce  this a bit. Lastly don’t get too much paint on your brush, less than  a third of the way up the hairs on the brush in the paint is  plenty, never dip the brush all the way up to the metal  ferrule, or you will ruin that brush in short order.  RED, WHITE AND BLACK! With this Jack I decided to give a traditional UK team  twist! There is plenty of surface detail you can pick out  on these Dreadball figures so even areas of solid colour  look interesting the models.
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