Above and below. Base and finish . 
BASE & FINISH The base itself is the 25mm square recessed plastic base than  comes in the box, and very nice it is too. As I mentioned  before, I had mounted the Orc on a piece of plasticard so all I  had to do was pop him in the recess of the base, I used  superglue to stick the models in place, blowing over it with a  hairdryer on cold setting to prevent the glue whitening off on  the model.  I then filled in-between the models base with household filler  and then left that overnight to go hard, then glued on some  sharp sand with PVA glue. When the sand was dried hard I painted the textured area of  the base with the following. 1.  AP-WP1123 - Leather Brown all over the sand  2. I then dry-brushed AP-WP1121 - Desert Yellow quite heavily 3. Then I dry-brushed on a layer of AP-WP1125 - Skeleton Bone 4. And finally a light dry-brush of AP-WP1102 - Matt White  5. Then I painted the edge with AP-WP1101 - Matt Black
I then added some flora, some tufts of The Army Painter - Battlefields - AP-BF4131 - Winter Tuft, and he was ready for battle! 
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