4. Take the teabag out of the mug and put it on a plate.
5. Add a splash of milk. Try for the colour shown in the photo, too little is better than too much.
6. Sugar. Hmmm. There are four standards when it comes to adding teaspoons of sugar to tea. a. No sugar. North Star Standard (Good!) b. 1 teaspoon. Lady Dust Standard. (Bad) c. 2 teaspoons. NATO Standard. (charmingly old-fashioned but stop it) d. 3 or more. Builder Standard. (You need to seek medical advice urgently, you are not made of sugar, you won’t dissolve in the rain) Drink and enjoy, Yum Yum. Why not dunk a biscuit in  there as well, watch out for rich tea biscuits, they’re a  terrible fib, they don’t dunk at all well. If you are making your tea at 9.00am, think of us as we all lift our mugs at  the same time.
Why put the teabag on a plate? That is because you’ve now got a free supply of flock for your wargames  basing!
7. Dry the teabag thoroughly on a window sill. 8. When dry, cut open and pour the leaves into a Gale Force 9 Round (GSS030).