The Buffs History The Buffs were originally Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime  Regiment of Foot, also known as Lord High Admiral’s Regiment.  They are also the forerunners of the Royal Marines as they were on  duty as soldiers on ships during the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the  1660’s. Because they were onboard ships, the regiment did not have  pikemen and were issued with flintlocks rather than matchlocks.  Famously they were commanded by John Churchill, ancestor of the  20th Century Churchill, but as the Duke of Marlborough he is just  as great a historical figure.   Uniforms This regiment was dressed in a yellow coat with red cuffs, breeches  and stockings.   Flag Colonel Colour is yellow, the regimental colour a red cross lined  white on a yellow field.  Royal Scots History The Royal Scots were originally a Scottish regiment that before our  period had served in wars on the Continent for three decades.  Charles II recalled them on his restoration, putting them under  Crown service, but sent them back to France with their Colonel,  Douglas, to fight for his ally the French King Louis XIV.   Uniforms The Royal Scots (Known the Douglas Regiment in this period) wore  scarlet coats with white cuffs. Breeches and stockings were grey.  This was for both musketeers and pikemen. Flags The Douglas Regiment here are shown carrying the flag of their first  colonel, Hepburn, the same flags they had carried in the Thirty  Years War. Just after our period, 1680, the Douglas Regiment took  up the Scottish Saltaire.