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These are the entrants so far in the The Frostgrave Necromancer Painting Competition. The numbering is the order in which we received the entries and has nothing to do with ranking.

Painting Competition Entrants.

1. Douglas Hooker
1. Douglas Hooker. Very nice turquoise crystal and blood soaked hand.
2. Graeme Hughes
2. Graeme Hughes. His robe with all the stars  and planets, a very subtle painterly piece of work.
3. David Andrews
3. David Andrews. Another lovely crystal and great flesh tone. 
4. Holly 'Typonese' Knight
4. Holly 'Typonese' Knight. That very subtle and well executed skull motif on the cloak.
5. Nathan Hengst
5. Nathan Hengst. Superb skin tone and eyes and great snow effect on the base and up the robe.
6. Aristide Massaccesi
6. Aristide Massaccesi. Another very good skin colour and nice beard.
7. Max Ayson
7. Max Ayson. A lovely crystal, skin tone and robe, very striking.
8. Ralph Plowman
8. Ralph Plowman. Really neat job, nice lining, inside the cloak as well, great flasks, nice NMM, a very sharp job all round.
9. Hector Gabriel Tanori Gonzalez
9. Hector Gabriel Tanori Gonzalez. Great beard, really interesting crystal and staff.
10. Travis Townsend
10. Travis Townsend. Another great skin tone and nice dark purple robe and metal.
11. Stephen Sibbach
11. Stephen Sibbach. Nicely done source lighting, good beard and other details.
12. Chuck Couch
12. Chuck Couch. Super sharp work, great flasks and a good apprentice!
13. Matthew Lund
13. Matthew Lund. Really great work on the cloak, nice pentangle and runes.
14. Olly Ainger
14. Olly Ainger. Lovely work all round. Convincing skull and flasks and unusual and effective highlights. The runner up.
15. David Weston
15. David Weston. Very nice crystal, very delicate fish on the robe, neat tiny pentangle on the skull and that cloak!
16. Carole Flint
16. Carole Flint. Very fine robe and crystal. Good apprentice.
17. Shae Riley
17. Shae Riley. Good ring jewels and strong purple robe.
18. Niko Riley
18. Niko Riley. Really good crystal and nice flesh tones. Good additional undead.
19. Richard Dagger
19. Richard Dagger. Strong black and dark purple, these are the colours Nick imagined.
20. Miljenko Martini
20. Miljenko Martinić. Lovely flesh tones, great crystal, jewels and flasks. Very cool base, and that robe patterned in metallic gold. My winner.
21. James Lunn
21. James Lunn. A unique and interesting effect, very skilled dry-brush work. Almost verdigris.
22. Justin Clarke
22. Justin Clarke. Another unique and very skilful style, great jewel and flask work.