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The Frostgrave Necromancer

Painting Competition!

Welcome to the very first North Star painting competition held on the Frostgrave Facebook page, click here. The competition HAS ENDED. The final date for entry is 31st of March 2023. To enter in the competition, you need to paint a Frostgrave Necromancer II model. (code FGV120/ FGV120D, you can paint either the metal or the resin versions). Only the Necromancer figure will be judged in the competition. You can include the Apprentice in your entry. You can make the Necromancer a single figure, a diorama or a conversion. (Note, we will ask the winner if they'd like their model to be used as the 'official' picture on the webpage, we couldn't do that if it's a conversion or part of a large diorama). To enter, please post a picture of your painted or unpainted model to register your interest on the Facebook page , Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City.  Then add a photo of the finished model before the 31st of March 2023 [Friday 31st March 2023 @ 23:59GMT] as a reply to your registering post to show us you've finished. Please email photos of your final entry to North Star's Kev Dallimore will be the final judge of the winning model. We will post here as soon after the 31st of March when the winner will be announced.

First prize will be a £70.00 voucher to use

with North Star Military Figures Limited.

As well as the pictures of the entries being posted on Facebook, we will publish a page of everyone's figures here on Kev’s North Star Magazine, with the winner at the top of course! You do not need to be a UK resident to enter. You MUST be over the age of 18 or you MUST be able to provide contact details for a parent or guardian who will give permission.
PAINTING COMPETITION FGV120D - Necromancer & Apprentice II (Resin Version)

Submission Guidelines:

Finished entries must be emailed to with the following requirements; The email must include "Frostgrave Necromancer" in the title, followed by your Facebook username. Example: Frostgrave Necromancer: Nick Eyre Send us a photo of both sides of the model, but no more than 5 photos. Good, clear photography is expected. Images should be high quality jpegs if you can. Images must be taken in portrait, with a plain White or grey background. Photos must be attached to the email, and not compressed into zip files, linked to other sites, or in any other format. Failure to adhere to these submission guidelines will void your entry. You may only enter once per person. If you don't have the Necromancer model, it can be purchased here: If you are outside the UK and wish to source a model locally, message us and we'll direct you to a local supplier if possible. The Judges decision is final. Please keep all messages positive, this is meant to be fun, the admins will have itchy fingers over that delete button. Note Osprey Games are not involved with this competition. I think that's everything, let me know if I've forgot something. Enjoy painting!!! PS Employees and friends of Employees of North Star can enter, but they won't win. & Kev's not allowed at all. As you will need to send us some pictures of your Necromancer in addition to your post to the Facebook page, use a macro setting if your phone has one, and a tripod if you have one. Use a high quality setting and don’t get too close to your model to get a better focus and shaper picture, and then crop the picture if required.