LORD CURR HIMSELF “Lord Edward Ronan Curr, late a Major of the Queen’s Own African Rifles, is a maverick. He lost his commission after successfully putting down a Bantu uprising at the cost of most of his command.” As the roguish leader of his company he needed a  stylish paint job. Fortunately Steve Saleh has sculpted a  superb model and Lord Curr himself features on the front  cover of In Her Majesty’s Name, in colour, so I didn’t  have to think to hard about colour schemes, just what  colours I would use to match the illustration. It is nice to  have a picture to work from, very much what I used to do  with my old Osprey books in the past painting more  historical models!  UNDERCOATING Undercoating is essential as it provides a consistent  surface on which to apply the next coats of paint, and it  shows up the detail on a model much more clearly than  shiny bare metal. For the undercoat I used Humbrol  enamel matt black. THE PAINT I used Army Painter War Paints to paint Lord Curr,  
“This Company is considered both untrustworthy and far too adventurous by most would-be patrons, which means they do get the pick of the most ‘interesting’ missions.”
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mixing up colours to suit my style and preferences. The  Mega Paint Set provides an adequate range of colours for  almost all needs, but you will often need to mix colours to  get the desired results, however I have tried to work out  colour combinations to reduce mixing a somewhat.   Don't be afraid to try out other combinations than the ones  I have listed here.  PAINTING The figure painting follows my well known method of  working from dark to light shaded form a black undercoat,  the method is explained in full detail in Foundry Miniatures  Painting & Modelling Guide, and Kevin Dallimore’s  Painting & Modelling Guide: Master Class. This three or  more colour painting method uses successive tones of  colour (shade, middle and light) which are added to the  model in layers, working up from dark to light. This  creates a bold three-dimensional effect of shadows and  highlights, the layers of colour giving greater depth and  subtlety to the model. For the facial detail and for the eyes  I used an Insane Detail brush. For the rest of the model I  used a Warpaints Detail brush. I paint the eyes first so I can get them right before doing  the rest of the model, as if the eyes are not good it will  
IN HER MAJESTY'S NAME Steampunk Skirmish Wargaming North Star Military Figures This Company is considered both untrustworthy and far too adventurous by most would-be patrons, which means they do get the pick of the most ‘interesting’ missions.