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spoil the rest of the paint job! Then I paint the flesh, and  then the rest of the model.   Lastly don’t get too much paint on your brush, less than  a third of the way up the hairs on the brush in the paint is  plenty, never dip the brush all the way up to the metal  ferrule, or you will ruin that brush in short order.  LORD CURR EYES & FLESH While the model is very nicely the done, the positioning  of his Arc Rifle makes painting the facial detail a might  tricky, as you never get a full straight-on front view. So  you have to work around it, but all the detail is there, just  slightly harder to access. I very much treated his face as  two halves. Even if you don’t get both halves to quite  match it doesn’t matter as you can’t see both sides  together. Also Lord Curr is wearing gloves so no flesh  hands to paint. EYES 1. His whites are AP-WP1102 - Matt White  (no prizes) 2. The irises are AP-WP1116 - Deep Blue FLESH 1. AP-WP1122 - Fur Brown  2. AP-WP1127 - Tanned Flesh 3. AP-WP1126 - Barbarian Flesh  4. AP-WP1126 - Barbarian Flesh plus AP-WP1102 - Matt White 5. Plus more AP-WP1102 - Matt White
His whites are AP-WP1102 - Matt White, 2.The irises are AP-WP1116 - Deep Blue 2.AP-WP1127 - Tanned Flesh 3.AP-WP1126 - Barbarian Flesh 4.AP-WP1126 - Barbarian Flesh plus AP-WP1102 - Matt White 5.Plus more AP-WP1102 - Matt White 1.AP-WP1122 - Fur Brown The next step was the white, very much just collar and cuffs. I did these first as they are very small areas and would be more difficult to do at the end. Painting them in first allows you to correct any mistakes by painting over the slips with black AP-W