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Base 1. AP-WP1118 - Uniform Grey 2. plus AP-WP1102 - Matt White 3. plus more AP-WP1102 - Matt White 4. plus more AP-WP1102 - Matt White 5. plus even more AP-WP1102 - Matt White just to the edges VARNISHING Make sure all the paint on the model is thoroughly dry  before commencing varnishing.  Gloss The models were then given a coat of Humbrol  polyurethane gloss varnish and set aside for 24 hours to  dry completely. Be careful not to let the varnish pool,  especially between legs. You don’t need a very thick coat  of varnish.   Matt Then they were given two coats of Anti-Shine Matt  Varnish. Be even more careful when painting on the matt  varnish. When applying the matt, brush it out well from  any nooks and crannies where it is likely to collect and  pool. BASING The bases are 20mm round coins. I used superglue to  stick the models in place, blowing over them with a cold  hairdryer to prevent the glue whitening off onto the  models. When positioning the models I made sure the  model looked right on the base. The bases were then  filled, smoothed off and left to dry hard. I then applied the  trompe l’oeil paint effect. The key to the effect is to decide  where the light is coming from and highlight accordingly.  The final highlight is on just the edge of the fake paving. 
Rookie Cops.
AFOKF01 - Kung Fu Squad: The Cops AFOKF01 - Kung Fu Squad: The Cops AFOKF01 - Kung Fu Squad: The Cops AFOKF01 - Kung Fu Squad: The Cops AFOKF01 - Kung Fu Squad: The Cops