Hong Kong Movie Wargame Rules
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INSPIRATION I’m not a big Hong Kong Movie buff, I think the only one I  have watched all the way through is Big Trouble in Little  China, but that doesn’t really matter, all of these models  have historical equivalents! The uniformed police and  SWAT especially are the same as the real world ones, so  are easy to find pictures of and I just copied those, and of  course there is artwork in the A Fistful of Kung Fu rule  book of the main protagonists and many others.  UNDERCOATING It is worth going over any model carefully just to make  sure there are no sprue, flash or mould lines, clean any off  with a sharp scalpel and a fine file. Undercoating is  essential as it provides a consistent surface on which to  apply the next coats of paint, and it shows up the detail on  a model much more clearly than shiny bare metal. For the  undercoat I used Humbrol enamel matt black. I usually  undercoat in oil based paint as I find they give better  coverage on the bare metal.  THE PAINT I used Army Painter War Paints to paint The Cops, mixing  up colours to suit my style and preferences. The Mega  Paint Set provides an adequate range of colours for  almost all needs, but you will always need to mix colours  to get the desired results, however I have tried to work out  colour combinations to reduce mixing if possible.  
PAINTING THE COPS The Cops box set gives you the perfect starter army to  begin playing A Fistful of Kung Fu, and also wouldn’t  look out of place in any modern skirmish whether film or  TV based or not. 
AFOKF01 - Kung Fu Squad: The Cops