Skirmish Wargaming in the Age of the Samurai
ESCORT A Ronin Scenario
Above. The Bushi Buntai and Koryu Buntai clash in the centre of town.
Left. Senior student and Initiate with katana.
 Craig Woodfield
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SPECIAL RULES The scenario takes place at dusk, so all shooting attacks  suffer a -1 penalty in addition to all other modifiers.  FORCES One side is attempting to escort a civilian model from one  side of the table to the other. This could be an official,  captive, informant, and either male of female. The civilian  model activates and moves as per normal infantry and  cannot be mounted. He/she has stats of 0, no weapons  BUT gets a single Defence Counter if engaged in combat.  The other side is attempting to stop them. DEPLOYMENT Each player rolls a d6, and the winner chooses a long  table edge. The blocking side deploys all its models first,  anywhere up to 15” in from the long table edge. The  escorting side then deploys all its models within 1” of the  opposite table edge. 
SCENARIO DESCRIPTION This scenario requires a lot of scenery – the new  buildings and walls from 4-Ground are ideal. The playing  area should be 30” deep by 36” wide, with a good  amount of buildings, walls and trees providing cover and  creating alleyways and choke points. Asking a third  player to set up the scenery is a good idea. The scenario  can be played with 100, 150 or 200 points. 
The Bushi Buntai and Koryu Buntai clash in the centre of town. Senior student and Initiate with katana.