The Warband The Warlord With Torgue in mind, I asked Steve Saleh to rework one of the  Crusader Miniatures Noman characters to make Le Eyr. A  figure stood in a very arrogant manner found his right leg  removed and replaced with a wooden one, and an unusually  high helmet placed on his head. I passed the figure to Kev to  be painted in an appropriate style, to be mounted on a Saga  hero base with his horse beside him. The Hearthguard I’ve chosen to have two Hearthguards made up of mounted  Knights. These Knights are the minor landowners who owe a  local fealty to Le Eyr. One group is dressed in black, they are  closer to Le Eyr’s vision of the world then the others. Mounted Warriors These two groups of mounted warriors are the retainers and  mercenaries of the local Normans.  The Warriors The Sergeants in the employ of Le Eyr are armed with  crossbows, the perfect weapon to stalk the forests of  Derbyshire with, hunting fugitive outlaws.
The Levy The resistance movement after the Conquest was conducted by  Saxon fighters called by the Normans Silvatici. This is  translated as ‘woodmen’ or ‘wildmen of the woods’. They were  a guerilla army that lived in the wild regions of England,  raiding the Normans but then emerging to form the armies of  Resistance leaders, fading back into the countryside after. They  were a feature of England for many generations, and although  my source for  these (3) didn’t mention it, they have to be the  origin of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Interestingly, Little  John, Robin’s right hand man, was from Hathersage, in the  middle of Le Eyr’s land.   I’ve included a band of these in my warband, using Artizan  Design Viking archers painted by Dave Woodward. I’ve taken  these as turn-coats, paid lots of money by Le Eyr to hunt down  and their own countrymen, a poacher to catch a poacher as the  saying goes. Notes: (1) Daniel Defoe, (1724–27)  (2) Nemesis the Warlock from 2000AD. Titan Books.  (3) The English Resistance by Peter Rex. (Tempus Publishing  2004)