Above. Lord Eyre and his Retinue.
Lion Rampant is a Medieval Retinue wargame from Osprey  Games, written by Dan Mersey. It’s a great game, and because  we only need a retinue to play, it doesn’t take too long to get  the figures together and have them painted and ready to play. Retinues The retinues are around 30-60 figures, so you can indulge your imagination and have a bit of fun painting up different kinds of  forces for the game.  Lion Rampant is one of those games that grabbed the attention of the North Star gang. What came out of the ‘frothing’ about  retinues was that we could base our Retinue Lord on our own  Crest of Arms. So I got on the internet, found the slightly boring Eyre family  crest, and began designing a Retinue. After a few games of  Lion Rampant, I decided I like the mounted knights, get in fast  and smash your opponent quickly. Knights So I chose two units of Mounted Knights. I like the foot  knights, they are pretty hard as well, plus Dan has made them  particularly tough in rough going, so if your opponent is  hiding skirmishers and other stick throwing types in a wood, a  unit of foot knights turns them into mincemeat in no time. One  of those please. Stick Throwers I needed my own stick throwers, so I chose Crossbows and  Bidowers. The Bidowers are tricky to use, but their ability to  evade and skirmish has amusingly annoyed my opponent on  occasion, so they are worth it just for that.
Lion Rampant – From the Dark Ages to the Hundred Years’ War, raids, skirmishes, and clashes between small retinues were a crucial part of warfare, and these dramatic small-scale battles are at the heart of this easy-to-learn but tactically rewarding wargame.