Right. Lord Eyre’s foot knights.
Above. Lord Wheatley's retinue.
Below. Lord Wood's retinue.
Painting the Retinue The first unit to be painted was Lord Eyre and his mounted  knights. I don’t know how medieval armies were made up in  regards to livery etc, so this retinue has been painted how I  wanted it to be. Lord Eyre’s Knights are all dressed in the  basic White with Black Chevron livery. Lord Eyre himself has  the three gold quatrefoils within the chevron. Riding with the  Livered Knights is Lord Eyre’s only son, in his own red and  white chequered pattern. Lord Eyre has the family symbol of  the human leg in armour couped at the thigh on his helmet.  For the story of the Eyre family symbol, read our magazine  article on Nicholas L’Eyr, the Saga warband.  The second unit of knights, and the foot knights, I decided  were local knights who owed fealty to Lord Eyre, but dressed  
in their own liveries rather than their lords. So both units are a  multi-coloured bunch. The Crossbowmen are Lord Eyre’s own sergeants, so have a  badge featuring the white shield with black chevron sewed to  their hauberk. The Bidowers were a mixed bunch of woodsmen and  professional archers paid to come along to make trouble. Other Retinues North Star’s Mark Wheatley designed his retinue along the  same lines, his Lord and immediate unit in the Wheatley livery  of red and yellow. Our chum Steve Wood chose to make his Lion Rampant a later period, his is made up of late 15th Century figures when wearing livery over armour was not fashionable.