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Robin Hood and The Sheriff of Nottingham
Warbands for Blood Eagle
The legend of Robin Hood has been interpreted in many  different ways in many different books, films, TV series, etc.   All versions are set after the Norman Conquest of Britain, and  hence technically a little later than the timeframe covered by  the Blood Eagle rules, but nevertheless these rules lend  themselves quite well to fighting out some of the famous  skirmishes between Robin’s Merry Men and the Sheriff's  thugs. Robin Hood is of course the central figure of these legends.  In  all of them, he is a competent swordsman but his skill with a  bow is unequalled throughout the land.  In some versions of  the story he carries is a legendary or magical sword but in most cases he relies on skill, daring and luck.  Maid Marian, Robin’s one true love, is sometimes cast as  “window dressing” but is a far more interesting character when she fights by his side.  Also by Robin’s side in most of his  adventures are, of course, Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlett  and Allan-a-Dale.  Little John is the biggest and strongest; few  can stand against him and his quarterstaff.  Tuck is a true holy  man of the people, outcast from the corrupt mainstream  church; in our take on the legends he is a competent fighter but his main contribution to Robin’s cause is the working of a few  Miracles when they are most needed.  Scarlett is a bit hot- 
headed but a superb swordsman, probably the best among the  Merry Men, and often fights with two blades.  Allan-a-Dale is  the band’s minstrel, as quick with a witty riposte as he is with  a goose-feathered shaft.  The rest of the Merry Men (and  Women!) are a rather motley collection of outlaws with  varying skills and generally not much equipment.  However,  many of them are competent bow shots which, together with  their Greenwood skills, helps them stay ahead of their foe.  The Sheriff himself is a schemer who prefers to avoid personal combat but is no coward when it proves necessary to take the field himself.  He and his second in command, Sir Guy of Gisborne, are both rich and thus have access to top-notch weapons and armour.  Their personal guards also tend to be well equipped.  However, their foot soldiers are less fortunate and often end up being treated as pure arrow-fodder.  Some are moderately competent but most are levy troops who would far rather be somewhere – anywhere – else.
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