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Options Robin may exchange his leather jacket for a mail byrnie  and shield (+8 points). Robin may upgrade his long sword to a legendary long  sword (+2 points). Maid Marian may take a leather jacket (+1 point), a  long sword (+7 points) and/or a hunting bow (+8  points). Any named figure may take a riding horse (+5 points).  Any Outlaw may exchange their quarterstaff and dagger for a hunting bow and club for no cost.
Any Outlaw may take a leather jacket (+1 point).  Any Outlaw armed with a bow may upgrade their SV  from +1 to +2 (+1 point each).  Any figure with a bow may take either the Skirmisher  (+3 points) or Hawkeye Traits (+5 points); named  figures with bows may take both and may also have  one of Close Quarters Shooting (+5 points), Manyshot  (+5 points) or Uncanny Accuracy (+5 points). Up to half of the figures armed with hunting bows may  upgrade these to war bows (+3 points each). Any figure may have the Stealthy Trait (+5 points).
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