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The Stargrave Scavorc Painting Competition!


See page two for all the entries and page three for competition details and rules.
A big thank you very much everyone who has joined in the competition. They are all superb and Kev has had very hard job to pick a winner. It has been great to see how you have grappled with the twin tasks of modelling and painting. The builds have been a real eye-opener, with ideas we are all going to pinch and the painting was consistently of a high order too.  However Kev did have to pick a couple winners, which he has done. So many thanks again all for entering North Star's Stargrave Savorc Painting Competition.

Best Build

Best Painted

Miljenko Martinic.

Miljenko Martinic.

Albert Nguyen.

 Albert Nguyen.  Albert Nguyen.  Albert Nguyen. Miljenko Martinic. Miljenko Martinic.