The wonderful thing about our North Star 1672 range is that the figures will do for many different nations armies in the period 1665-1680. This is because it is a time just before uniforms, and the figures are all dressed in the fashions common amongst soldiers throughout Western Europe.
This of course includes Britain. The years covered by our range is called the Restoration Period in Britain as it was the time the monarchy, represented by Charles II, was restored after the English Civil War. It was also the genesis of the British Army. Britain, tired of soldiers and war, had disbanded much of it’s forces after the Civil War and Oliver Cromwell’s reign. With the return of Charles II to England in 1660, the units still under arms swore allegiance to the King and became the senior units of the British Army. Some of the infantry regiments: Coldstream Guards Grenadier Guards Scots Guards 1st Regiment (Royal Scots) 2nd Regiment (The Queen’s) 3rd Regiment (The Buffs) Army Lists st
To give an idea of how The Law of the Gun actually plays, let’s run through a quick example. The Man With No Mates The “Man With No Mates” has ridden into town and gotten himself a whisky in the saloon. This is risky as he is not popular in these parts; he is faster and meaner than a rattlesnake, and has a price on his head for a spate of killings. As his name suggests he is a single - figure gang, a Gunman, with the Marksmanship, Fast Reactions and Nerves of Steel skills. He is armed with two revolvers. On his way back out into the street he is confronted by a group of local roughnecks, keen on getting the reward. There are four of them, all Fighters, two carrying a revolver each, one a Winchester repeater, and one a shotgun. The two sides are about six inches apart at this point. Both are taken by surprise and go for their guns, but in the game they need to take their moves alternately. The Man goes first as he is a higher class than his opponents. He does not need to recover from any near misses, so he throws his action dice seven of them; five for being a Gunman, plus two as a single-figure gang with Fast
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The Law Of The Gun
The Law Of The Gun
Skirmish Rules for the Old West By Chris Peers The Law Of The Gun