He gets an action for every 6 he throws, but he is  unlucky and does not get any this time. Darn it! Maybe  it’s the effect of the whisky! So he cannot carry out any  diced for actions, which includes aimed shooting, but he  can still undertake a free action. After briefly considering  running away, he decides instead on Wild Firing. In other  words, he fans the hammer of the revolver in his hand  and blazes away without stopping to aim. This gives him  seven dice (the usual two plus two for the Marksmanship  skill and three for Wild Firing), needing 6s to hit, and this  time he gets lucky. He throws 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4 and 2.  Three hits. As he is Wild Firing he can only inflict near  misses, but he can allocate these as he wishes as long  as all the subsequent targets are within four inches of  the first. The inexperienced roughnecks are bunched  tightly together, so the rifleman, the man with the  shotgun and one of the pistoleros each collects a puff of  cotton wool dust as a near miss marker, which effectively  suppresses them and restricts them to free actions only  until the markers are removed.  The roughnecks’ turn Now it is the roughnecks’ turn. The gang does not need  to take a morale test as it has not suffered any actual  casualties, but the guys with near misses must dice to  try and remove them. Each man gets three dice, as they  are Fighters, needing a 6 to succeed as usual. The one  with the shotgun succeeds, so two of the gang can  undertake any action the player wishes this turn,  provided they pass their action dice throw. As Fighters  they throw four dice, but yes, one of them is a 6, giving  the two unsuppressed guys one action each. The  pistolero decides to take an aimed shot, but he only gets  two hit dice at this range and neither of them is a 6, so  he has missed. The roughneck with the shotgun gets  four dice, scoring 6, 4, 2 and 1. This is a hit on The Man,  so the shooting player rolls the wound dice to find out  where he has got him. A chest wound. This looks  promising, but at six inches range the shot from a  shotgun is starting to spread out, so we deduct two from  the next throw, which tells us how bad the damage is.  
The dice score is 3, reduced to 1, which is only a graze –  in other words a small hole in The Man’s coat, treated as  a near miss. The other two roughnecks could fire wildly,  but the best they could get is another near miss, which will have no effect on The Man as they are not cumulative.  The player elects for them to stand their ground in the  hope that they can shoot next turn, if they survive the  inevitable retaliation.  The Man’s turn again It is now The Man’s turn again, and we will see why  nobody has managed to claim that reward yet. First, as a  Gunman with Nerves of Steel he throws seven dice to  recover from the near miss, and gets a 6 which allows him  to act as normal. Then he throws another seven action  dice, which come up 6, 6, 5, 4, 2, 1 and 1. Two 6s give  him two separate actions. For the first one he decides to  take an aimed shot at the punk with the shotgun. Four  dice (basic two for aimed fire with the pistol, plus two for  Marksmanship) give him 6, 3, 3 and 2. A hit! The wound  dice tell us it is a head shot, which a damage dice throw of  5 converts to an outright kill. That will teach these thugs to  mess with The Man! But he still has another action to go,  so he takes a second shot at the next most dangerous  opponent, the pistolero who is not suffering the effects of  a near miss. Four more dice, scoring 6, 6, 4 and 4. Two  hits this time, but only one counts. If he was shooting at  close range with a revolver the Man could count them  both, but six inches is long range so he only hits once. But again he is lucky, hitting the guy in the right hand and then  throwing a 5, which means he must drop his gun.