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Welcome to the North Star Magazine Stargrave This is where we will put all the information relating to Stargrave, including painting guides and hobby articles. CONTENTS ALIEN FLESH FOR STARGRAVE STARGRAVE SOLDIERS GALLERY
Go back to the magazine home page North Star STARGRAVE FROSTGRAVE OATHMARK THE SILVER BAYONET Copplestone Castings Dracula’s America A Fistful Of Kung Fu On The Seven Seas Of Gods and Mortals Ronin North Star Steampunk Crusader Miniatures Artizan Designs Great War Miniatures North Star 1672 Stargrave STARGRAVE Carbine. The most common weapon seen on the battlefield is the carbine. This includes blaster carbines, wave guns, razor-throwers, and numerous other types, but they all essentially perform the same purpose: killing the enemy at a decent range. Pistol. The preferred weapon for close-quarter shoot-outs, the pistol is a one-handed firearm. There is an almost infinite variety of pistols. Rapid-fire. These heavy weapons are capable of extremely high rates of fire. When making a Shooting attack, a figure armed with a rapid-fire may either make two Shooting attacks at two separate targets that are within 2” of one another. Grenadier, Soldiers listed with Grenades carry both smoke and fragmentation grenades and may choose which type to use at any time. A figure carrying grenades is assumed to have as many of either type as they need for a given game. Home Latest North Star Military Figures Stargrave Dark Continent Crusader Artizan Great War Shieldwolf ALIEN FLESH FOR STARGRAVE Stargrave