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Welcome to the North Star Magazine 1672 home page Here you will find all sorts of interesting things to do with our 1672 range. 1672 covers the armies and enemies of the French King Louis XIV. They are for the period 1665 to 1680, including the War of Devolution and The Dutch Wars. We have named the range Sixteen Seventy-Two as this is known as Rampjaar, Disaster Year, in Dutch, the year Louis invades the Netherlands. CONTENTS Siege of Maastricht 1673 Army Lists for En Garde! The British Army in the Restoration Period 1660-1680
Go back to the magazine home page The siege was one of the key elements in King Louis XIV's plans to attack the Netherlands, in order to revenge the humiliating conditions enforced on him by the Triple Alliance when he tried to fully conquer the Spanish Netherlands. Royal English pikeman, officer and Musketeer. NORTH STAR STARGRAVE FROSTGRAVE OATHMARK THE SILVER BAYONET COPPLESTONE CASTINGS DRACULA’S AMERICA A FISTFUL OF KUNG FU ON THE SEVEN SEAS OF GODS AND MORTALS RONIN NORTH STAR STEAMPUNK CRUSADER MINIATURES ARTIZAN DESIGNS GREAT WAR MINIATURES NORTH STAR 1672 James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, all models from our 1672 range. D’Artagnan and King’s Musketeers D’Artagnan and King’s Musketeers D’Artagnan and King’s Musketeers Home Latest North Star Military Figures Stargrave Dark Continent Crusader Artizan Great War Shieldwolf North Star 1672