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Welcome to the North Star Magazine Artizan Designs This is where we will put all the information relating to Artizan Designs miniatures, including painting guides and hobby articles. The figures are of Historical subjects, our ranges include, World War Two, World War One, The Renaissance, Vikings, Carolingians, Moors, The American West, Arthurian Dark Ages, French Foreign Legion & Pirates. Artizan Designs also produce a line of character figurines based on the adventure stories of the 20th Century, Thrilling Tales from the 1930s and 40s, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang from the 1960s. All the figures come from the talented hand of sculptor Mike Owen. CONTENTS FAST PAINTING WW2 SOVIETS Inspired by Nick. BATTLE OF THE BULGE GALLERY RUBICON FURY M4 SHERMAN WW2 BRITISH AIRBORNE GALLERY KISS KISS BANG BANG GALLEY WORLD WAR TWO GALLERY
Go back to the magazine home page WW2 Soviets Scouts with German Weapons 75mm, 76mm and 105mm gun options, 2 turret options. Hard plastic model kit, needs glue to assemble. Supplied unpainted. 1/56th scale, designed to go with 28mm sized figures such as are made by Artizan Design and Crusader Miniatures. Artizan Designs NORTH STAR STARGRAVE FROSTGRAVE OATHMARK THE SILVER BAYONET COPPLESTONE CASTINGS DRACULA’S AMERICA A FISTFUL OF KUNG FU ON THE SEVEN SEAS OF GODS AND MORTALS RONIN NORTH STAR STEAMPUNK CRUSADER MINIATURES ARTIZAN DESIGNS GREAT WAR MINIATURES NORTH STAR 1672 On paper, it was a seemingly absOn paper, it was a seemingly absurd plan – especially as Germany had been in retreat since D-Day, her military was depleted of supplies and was facing the awesome might of the Allies. The phrase "Battle of the Bulge" was coined by contemporary press to describe the way the Allied front line bulged inward on wartime news maps and became the best known name for the battle. "Our precious reserves had been expended, and nothing was available to ward off the impending catastrophe in the east." Home Latest North Star Military Figures Stargrave Dark Continent Crusader Artizan Great War Shieldwolf Artizan A Rubicon Models Sherman tank, with extra stowage added.