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Welcome to North Star Military Figure's online magazine Over the past decade, we have been very good at stocking and selling thousands of different figures, rule sets and other wargames 'stuff', but we haven't really given you much advice once you've bought something from us! The North Star Magazine we hope will redress that somewhat. With this online magazine, we'll be using its pages to bring you painting guides, modelling tips and rules additions that relate to anything North Star sells, not just what we produce. If you are not aware of what North Star sell, just visit the website and browse the column of buttons to the left of the North Star home page. Each section of the magazine will focus on a particular range of figures or a game, and they will be added to on a regular basis. Keep us in your favourites and visit us regularly. You can also keep up to date with us through Facebook,Twitter and the North Star Newsletter. Just in case you are new to the Wargames Hobby, this is who we are. North Star Military Figures Limited is a UK based company founded in 2003. We specialize in products for tabletop wargames that involve using miniature figurines. We sell the actual figures, the games and the accessories you may need to play such as terrain, modelling tools and paints. Our main business is acting as a wholesaler to the hobby shops across the world supporting this hobby, and we have a mail order department selling direct to hobbyists. The top menu takes you to articles, the side menu takes you the North Star web store. Hope you enjoy the magazine! Kev